We have three exciting Lighthouse! groups for children and young people on a Sunday...

Glow Worms (Ages 0 - 4)

A group for the little ones run by our brilliant leaders with toys, music, bible stories and fun.


Starlights (Ages 4 - 7) 

An exciting group with fun, games, crafts and a chance to learn some amazing things about Jesus every week.


Spotlights (Ages 7 - 11)

The oldest of our three Lighthouse groups, we also have lots of fun and games, eat some sweets and shine the spotlight on Jesus by learning about him from the Bible.



Older than 11? Don't worry - there's something for you too! We run a session before the service every Sunday for youth aged 11+ when we eat some donuts and chat together about what is going to be spoken about in church that day. 

If you're interested get in touch for more details!