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Orchard Park 10.30am service

Network evening service: 09/06/2024

Sunday 9/6/2024 (Judges 12:8 - 15:20)
CCN Service Order B
Leader: Adam Johnston
Preacher: Rob Tearle
Reader: Dave Crick, Kay Hampton
Intercessions: Chris Whitebread


CONFESSION: Confession Almighty and most merciful Father,

SONG: By faith we see the hand of God
SONG: We won't fear the battle (Our God is for us)
SONG: Who else commands all the hosts of heaven (only a holy God)

READING: Judges 12:8-13:25 - Kay Hampton

INTERCESSIONS: Chris Whitebread


CREED: Nicene Creed (Anglican)

READING: Judges 14:1 - 15:20 - Dave Crick

SERMON: Rob Tearle

SONG: From the breaking of the dawn (every promise of your word)
SONG: The grace of God has reached (The Lord is my salvation)