Choose your enemies wisely - Esther 7:1-10

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the evening service on 1st August 2021.

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Esther 7 v 1-10 “Choose your enemies wisely”


Intro: The Psalm 2 God who laughs at his enemies


        1.The Sovereign God relates to Esthers as a defender (v1-7)


Whatever direction Esther looks, death is on the horizon BUT there is a God in heaven and so Esther’s answer is full of;


  • Need


Xerxes shown himself to be uncaring



Esther with a lot of compromise and sin



  • Boldness


Hamaan the vicious and favoured guard dog



Esther leaving no room for compromise





        2. The Sovereign God relates to Hamaans as a destroyer (v6-10)


Death stalks these pages BUT there is a God in heaven so Hamaan is a fool to be so;


  • Hard



  • Proud




         3. The Sovereign God relates differently than Xerxes’


The scaffold that has changed everything;


  • The cross has fixed God’s dealings towards his redeemed children




  • The cross has fixed God’s dealings towards his stubborn enemies





Run to Jesus and then live boldly knowing that the God in heaven is on your side.

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