'The Great' - Mark 9:30-50

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from the evening service on 1st May 2022.

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Mark 9:30-50 ‘The Great’


Introduction: The Greats?



Opinions of Greatness (9:30-34)





Great Service (9:35-41)






Great Care (9:42-50)







How do you feeling do you feel about suffering as a Christian? In what ways are you currently suffering as a Christian? What are you doing about your doubts and the things you don’t understand concerning following Jesus? Who’s view of greatness do you lean towards – Jesus’ or the disciples? When do you think you should ‘retire’ from serving in the church? How are you serving the insignificant, those without rank or privilege in your church? In what ways are you deflecting doing service in Jesus’ name? In what ways do you need to take greater care in your serving, what needs some radical surgery in your service? In what way is your service sacrificial?

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