Clarity and Action - Judges 2:6 - 3:6

This is a sermon by Peter Birnie from the evening service on 28th April 2024.

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Judges 2v6-3v6 Handout


A spoiler for the whole book because we need to see, feel and act urgently!


         1) We need to see clearly the horror of sin (v6-15)


Apostasy means abandoning God

  • The speed of this apostasy should reveal to us the horror of sin
  • The nature of this apostasy should reveal to us the horror of sin
  • God’s response to this apostasy should reveal to us the horror of sin


The loved daughter in distress and the loving father carrying on the discipline. See clearly the horror of sin!


        2) We need to feel deeply the hopelessness of sin (v16-23)


Meaningless “sorry’s”


The despairing cycle of sin


  • “They would not listen …”


  • “The people returned to ways even more corrupt …”



We are to feel the hopelessness of remaining in apostasy. Is there any less hopeful person than a Christian stuck in unrepentant sin?



        3) We need to act urgently on the grace of God (3v1-6)


God’s grace is consistent


  • Hearing their cries and raising up judges


  • Discipline and not Destruction


Future hope 1: Teaching of warfare (times ahead when they will be raised up again)

Future hope 2: Testing of obedience (could they be useful again?)



On this side of the cross let us be at war with sin, and let us shake off the sin that entangles and run the race of whole-hearted obedience


Questions to meditate and ACT on:

  • Where in your life are there “little patches of sin” that you leaving undisturbed? Why should the speed, nature and response from God to apostasy shake you to action?
  • How does the “cycle of sin” in Judges affect your view of disobedience? Do you agree that sin leads to greater and greater corruption?  
  • What is your own testimony of God’s consistent grace in your life? How has discipline been good for you as a believer?
  • How does the cross, the empty tomb and the day of Pentecost give you hope in your battle against sin?

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