When will you Listen? - Judges 6:1 - 7:25

This is a sermon by Richard Hawes from the evening service on 19th May 2024.

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Judges 6:1-7:25 When will you ‘Listen’?


The Same Again? (6:1-10)




Emmanuel – God with us (6:11-16)




God Breaks down the Walls (6:17-35)



Stacking the Odds FOR us (6:36-40)



Stacking the Odds AGAINST us (7:1-15a)



The Battle is the LORD’s (7:15b-25)




QUESTIONS: What is the difference between ‘crying for help’ and ‘weeping in repentance’? Why do we sometimes get all ‘accusey’ with the Lord when our circumstances aren’t going the way we’d like? What should we be doing? Why was it good that Gideon was the least likely person one would choose to deliver Israel? What has been the cost of your commitment to Christ so far in your life? What Idol’s in your life are tolerating your Christian Life? In what ways do we try and manipulate God’s will to our own ends? What are you clutching to give you reassurance trust in the face of overwhelming odds? How do you feel about the Gospel being the ‘foolishness of God’?


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