Identity Crisis - Esther 5

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the evening service on 11th July 2021.

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Esther 5:1-14 – Identity Crisis


            Euros 2021 – England win or lose


            The nations ‘identity crisis’




Will Esther go the way of Vashti? (5:1-8)

            Courage in the face of uncertainty (v1-2)


                        Architecture and Archaeology



                        Courageous love means risk for us


            Craftiness in the face of unpredictability (v3-8)



                        Crafty love means we’re dangerous




Will Haman go the way of pride? (5:9-14)

            Haman has been lifted up (v9-12)






            Mordecai needs lifting up (v13-14)






            “The third day…”




Questions: How do you view identity? How would you go about evaluating what your identity is built upon and shaped by? In what ways is Gospel-shaped and Gospel-driven love making you feel unsafe? In what ways are you having an impact because of your courageous and crafty love? What is meant by the phrase: “as a Christian, things may explain you but they don’t define you”? Why did Haman struggle with his ‘identity’ and self-worth? What warnings are there for us as believers? How has this passage and sermon strengthened your courage? How has the passage and sermon pointed you to Jesus?

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