A Good Education - James 1:9-18

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the evening service on 19th September 2021.

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James 1:9-18 – A Good Education


            Where were you educated?



Shades of Green Trials (1:9-12)


            The trials of poverty (v9)



            The trials of riches (v10-11)



            The treasure for the poor and rich (v12)



Shades of Red Trials (1:13-18)


            Twisted Thoughts (v13)





            Evil Desires (v14-15)




            Truth-Thoughts (v16-18)




Shades of Grey (1:1-18)

            Does God ever tempt His children?



            Does God ever test His children?



            Test or Temptation!?


Questions: In what ways is money (either the lack of or having plenty of) being a trial to you? How do you overcome the trial of poverty? How do you overcome the trial of riches? What part does the ‘crown of life’ play in us overcoming our trials? What ‘twisted thoughts’ can we have about God when we are going through a trial? How do we address them? How has the passage and sermon equipped you to have the right attitude and actions towards sinful desires? How do trials and temptations relate to one another? How will an understanding of this help you live a God glorifying life?

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