Don?t set yourself up as judge and jury - James 4:11-12

This is a sermon by Scott McKay from the evening service on 7th November 2021.

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James 4:11-12 – Don’t set yourself up as judge and jury


            Judge, Jury and Executioner


            “Do not slander one another”



Slander and Judgementalism: What it is not


It isn’t slanderous or judgemental to be discerning about someone’s character or teaching



It isn’t slanderous or judgemental to speak to someone about sinful behaviour or wrong belief




Slander and Judgementalism: What it is


Slander and judgementalism are born out of bitterness, jealousy and selfish ambition



Slander and judgementalism thrive on partial information and misinformation


Slander and judgementalism grows when human standards replace God’s words as the standard by which we make decisions


Slander and judgementalism feed on our desire to be elevated above others



Slander and Judgementalism: What it says about me

            I would rather be a law-creator than a law-keeper



            I would rather make the judgement on who is saved




Questions: Where is the line between being biblically discerning versus being overly critical? If you confront someone in sin or error and they say, “You’re being judgmental,” how would you respond? If we are going to do the work of James 5:19-20 but avoid slander and judgementalism – what will help us achieve this? How can someone who is overly critical battle this sin? What steps would help? How has the passage and sermon helped and equipped you to battle slander and judgementalism in your life? What does slander reveal about our attitude towards the Lord?

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