Belonging and Blessing in Jesus' Kingdom - Mark 10:13-31

This is a sermon by Adam Johnston from the evening service on 15th May 2022.

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Mark 10: 13-31 ‑ Belonging and Blessing in Jesus’ Kingdom


Alex’s story – is he logical or laughable?


  • Jesus saw the self-importance of the disciples and… (vv. 13-16)



  • Jesus saw the desperation of the man and… (vv. 17-22)



  • Jesus saw the confusion of his followers and …  (vv. 23-31)


Who can be saved?


Is it worth it?



Questions: What would it look like for us to come to Jesus like little children? Why do we find coming to Jesus helplessly really hard? How do you feel about the rich man as he walks away? What might Jesus call us to sacrifice to follow him? How is God’s ability to save people an encouragement? Is there anyone you might be tempted to think God couldn’t save? Do you think that being a Christian is 100x better than not following Jesus? Can you think of examples in your life of things you’ve gained because you follow Jesus?

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